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I'm on a Boat!

My next week had an explosive start… Literally. I went to the seafarers training academy to put all of the things I learned in the classroom to use. We safely entered and exited a life raft, properly used a life jacket, and tried an immersion suit. We also navigated our way through a two-story, zero-visibility maze. The best part of the day was fire fighting! We were given a full fire fighter suit. We learned how to put it on properly and use our air tanks, then it was off to the fire zone. Our first test was putting out a small fire with a fire extinguisher. That was easy enough. Then, we were put into teams, given a real fire hose, and put face to face with a massive fire! The suit weighed approximately 40 pounds, and the hose was super heavy too. I got to be in the front and lead my team straight into the fire. It was a total blast. After learning all of these life saving techniques, I feel like my name tag should read “super hero” instead of “photographer.”As soon as we got back I…