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into the china cabinet

Well, to make up for my previously low key blog, I have managed to find some time to do a little adventuring for this episode of life in Hawaii.I was given the opportunity to explore the Hilo botanical gardens, and they were gorgeous. The pictures speak for themselves.Not only do they fill the acres of the gardens with loads of beautifully colored flowers and plants, you can also find a massive waterfall and oceanfront views while exploring the property. I am definitely glad I got to see what nature had to offer in Hilo.That Saturday, I got the majority of the day off! Theo and I headed to Diamond Head crater and took the hike to the top overlooking Waikiki on Oahu. As you can see, it was very windy, but the views were great!My dream is to someday live in the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. However, if that does not work out, I think I could settle for this light house we spotted on the way down from our hike. I feel like a light house would be a great place for entertaining. Whenev…