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loco moco

This week was jam packed with fun adventures and amazing friends. The photography team is short staffed, so my days have been extra long, but that hasn't stopped me from filling my free time with one fun thing after another. Mostly all of my adventures have involved delicious meals this week, but we all know food is one of my very favorite things.On Thursday, we rented a jeep and headed to Eggberts in Kauai. I feasted on a plate of french toast topped with macadamia nuts and banana slices and lightly drenched in coconut syrup. One word: yum. Theo and I worked our magic and scored a fire engine red jeep for our day of fun. Peter and I were the precious cargo in the back seat.
The next morning, Theo and I went to Kalapaki Beach Hut and gave the loco moco a try. The loco moco is a Hawaiian breakfast specialty. They cover the plate in a bed of white rice, add a hamburger on top, next is an egg made-to-order (I picked over easy), and it is all smothered in a layer of gravy. To some of y…

there's no place like home

Well, I clicked my heels all the way back to Kansas and the fun continued with a trip to Pittsburg. The home of the Gorillas was a required destination during my month off. First stop, mall deli. The crackers and dressing just aren't as good anywhere else.I then stopped by the tech center. It was great to walk up the stairs and see the entrance to the Graphics and Imaging Department. While I was taking an advanced graphics class, we were challenged to design a large wall graphic to celebrate the department's 100th birthday. It was so fun to see my hard work displayed on the wall for all to see as they entered the department.While at the tech center, I got a phone call from Michael asking if I was interested in some adventuring. Of course, I was gun-ho and darted out of the tech center lickity split. After visiting his house, followed by the tire store, and a trip to the bank ATM, I felt like our adventuring was actually errand running. Michael confessed that we were running er…