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melissa goes global

In honor of the Royals having their best season in twenty years, life has decided to throw me a few curveballs. I can’t complain about the Royals success, or where life has taken me now, but I didn’t expect it at all. If you would have told me the Chiefs would be sitting pretty at 6-0 this season, I wouldn’t believe you, but if you would have told me I would be where I am right now, that would be even less likely to believe. Let me fill you in on the last two months of my life and get you up to speed on the adventures of Melissa.
I left Kansas City on August 3 and arrived in Seattle to board the Norwegian Pearl and take off for beautiful Alaska. The trip there was only the beginning of a big adventure that was in store for me. My plane was delayed for three hours and we were forced to disembark our plane and reschedule our flights. After waiting around at the airport for all that time, we finally boarded our plane. The plane taxied over to the runway and then came to a stop. This is …