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busy bee

Although I haven't written in a while, there is not too much to update. The photography team is very short staffed right now so I have been working lots of overtime. When I am not working, I am sleeping, so the stories of the last month are short and sweet.Victoria came back from vacation and we were lucky enough to work it out so we could be roommates! We are having a blast living together, and it is like a slumber party every night.Theo is back. It is so good to have my partner in crime back at my side again. My roommate Victoria and I filled his room with streamers, balloons, and a welcome banner when he came back. He returned the surprise by hanging snickers from my ceiling for me when I came home from work one night.The current Second City cast is leaving today so we spent the last week bidding farewell to our pals that have made us laugh, been our friends, and participated in so many movie nights the last four months. This talented group has some big things ahead of them, an…