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2nd Anniversary

It is crazy, but it is true. I have officially been writing this blog and living in Hawaii for more than two years now! I can't believe how fast time has flown by, and there are still adventures to be had out here. I have a few more things to check off the Hawaiian bucket list, and as I meet new people, I am discovering even more new places to visit.
Peter was back on the ship for a few weeks, and we had lots of catching up since he hasn't been out here for a year. We went and saw Pitch Perfect at the theatre. Living in a floating metal box will often leave you out of touch with the real world. I never know what movies are showing, or what the latest trends are, and I often find my sources of current events are facebook, twitter, and my ESPN zone app. I had no clue what I was getting myself into when going to see Pitch Perfect, but I left with a sore jaw and stomach from all the laughter! In the last few months I have had almost daily encounters with people who think I look j…

one limb left

In the last two weeks, I have managed to damage and destroy three of my four limbs, and these are the chronicles of how it all went down.

Patrick's friends were in town, so Emily, Kelsey, and I joined them for a day of fun in the sun. First stop, ship wreck beach in Poipu. The views were amazing and the surf was big... maybe too big.
The waves were so big that they had no problem carrying this rock and dropping it off on my foot while we were playing in the water. Yep, that huge rock crushed my foot. Not only was I bleeding and bruised in 2.5 seconds, but I chucked that rock in the woods, thinking that no one would ever have to go through the same thing. That was until the wave brought another one for Patrick! With our matching foot injuries, we decided a calmer beach might be the better option.

Poipu Beach Park was just the place where we could get away and do some relaxing. After my run in with the big rock, my adrenaline was pumping and my energy levels were high, so Emily and …