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Well, this blog is appropriately titled because I feel a definite need to redeem myself after being absent from blogging for so long. Please understand that I have been super busy, and trust that this fun-filled post will make up for the lost time!
When we last left off, I was about to open the Perspectives Photography Studio. I am proud to now say that it is up and running. I might even add that it is very successful! We are happy with the successes that have resulted, opportunities we are able to offer guests, and I am sure the additional revenue is a bonus too. Getting the studio started and making everything happen was like starting my own business, and I have gained even more respect for my parents and what they do. Trust me, it is not easy.
So later in April, Sarah went to the emergency room for putting a bead up her nose! That was a fun phone call from Dad when he was telling me the story. The doctors put the bead in a plastic specimen cup after retrieving it, and she proudly s…