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american jumper

Well... the rumors are true. I did it. What is it you ask? Are you sitting down? Brace yourself, because I jumped out of a plane at 10,000 feet and I now sit here, alive, blogging about it. Yes, it happened, and I have pictures and video to prove it.
Remember just a few paragraphs ago in my last post when I said I was really proud of myself for parasailing? Remember when i mentioned that friends said I should skydive and I thought they were crazy? Apparently I am the crazy one, because less than 24 hours after that post I was signing my life away and free falling through the skies of Kauai.
Somehow, someway, Emily convinced me to go. Actually, she didn't convince me to go, she told me I was going. I blame this on my parents for raising me to be obedient. I did as I was told and I went. I didn't sleep the night before out of sheer terror. I was absolutely convinced that this was going to be a horrible experience for me and the man attached to my back pulling the parachute. I wa…