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american jumper

Well... the rumors are true. I did it. What is it you ask? Are you sitting down? Brace yourself, because I jumped out of a plane at 10,000 feet and I now sit here, alive, blogging about it. Yes, it happened, and I have pictures and video to prove it.
Remember just a few paragraphs ago in my last post when I said I was really proud of myself for parasailing? Remember when i mentioned that friends said I should skydive and I thought they were crazy? Apparently I am the crazy one, because less than 24 hours after that post I was signing my life away and free falling through the skies of Kauai.
Somehow, someway, Emily convinced me to go. Actually, she didn't convince me to go, she told me I was going. I blame this on my parents for raising me to be obedient. I did as I was told and I went. I didn't sleep the night before out of sheer terror. I was absolutely convinced that this was going to be a horrible experience for me and the man attached to my back pulling the parachute. I was just sure that a combination of crying and hurling would be taking place as I was falling through the sky, and the poor skydiver would have to deal with me and the mess.

Turns out it was an amazing experience, tear and vomit free. We got to the location just in time for sunrise and climbed 10,000 feet in a plane with teeth. Yep, our plane looked like a shark. The views from the air were beautiful. We flew over the ocean and Waimea canyon (Hawaii's version of the grand canyon.)

 When we finally reached the proper altitude, it was my turn to jump. So, I just did. No hesitation, I voluntarily risked my life and plummited toward the earth. This was not one of those 0-60 in less than 60 seconds roller coasters. I dropped 4,000 feet in less than a minute. It was wild!

 We were so happy to survive! I couldn't sit still the rest of the day because my adrenaline was pumping all day long. You can view the video of Emily and I by clicking here.
 Two days later, we were back in the movie making business for Gabe's birthday! Gabe deserves nothing short of a classy birthday, so we wore mustaches for the occasion! For those of you who are not aware, Gabe loves whistling potatoes. We don't know their actual name, but they are the potatoes wrapped in plastic that you buy at the store. you put them in the microwave for a few minutes and they start to whistle. When you take them out, you have a baked potatoe. Anyway, we incorporated some whistling potatoes into his video, and every birthday video would not be complete without a little birthday dance. Enjoy that video by clicking here.
Emily is part of the production cast. They perform on the ship for six months at a time then are transferred to other ships. I was not looking forward to bidding her farewell. One day, while enjoying the lobster dinner shown above, we got word that they were looking for a replacement for a dancer in the next cast. Emily was asked to take her position and will be here until Septemeber! We are so excited to continue the adventures, and our youtube masterpieces. Please stay tuned for season two!
One night we headed out on the town, however, Emily and I began playing a video game and quickly became determined to get the top score. Needless to say, four dollars and a couple hours of anti-social behavior later, we had taken over the entire leaderboard! We were proud!
As the season finale of our youtube videos, we decided to honor a friend. Chef Casey is one of the executive chefs on board. When he is not here, he has a restaurant in Illinois. During this vacation, he has been revamping the menu at his restaurant, and he created a new menu item called "sexy toast." To congratulate Casey on his hard work, and send a little love his way, we created our own sexy toast video. This video is probably rated PG for the amount of skin shown, but for Casey it was a big hit, and in his opinion, our best video yet! The photo above is post video. Up close and personal with all four sexy toasts! You can watch Sexy Toast here.
A few days later was Emily's last performance of this contract, and she was super nervous. I told her I would be there to cheer her on. I came in full force, with plenty of signs and even a #1 finger. I think it calmed her fears, and gave her a good laugh too!
I have started doing more private sessions and the install of my studio is taking place next week! I am so excited it is finally here! This week I did a couple session outdoors at night! The dark sky and limited lighting proved to be a challenge, but the shots turned out so beautiful. It resulted in a very intimate shoot. I can't wait to get the studio up and running and keep challenging my creativity like that shoot did!


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