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birthday city

What better way to start off the birthday festivities than a little pampering? That is exactly what this girl did. I got a pedicure during my time off on Saturday. It was much needed and left my feet feeling fancy free!After the pedicure, I met up with Rich and Seth for our much anticipated tour of the bridge. This is not just any bridge, this is THE bridge. The bridge of the ship to be exact. The bridge is where they control everything on the ship. They drive from here, make announcements, answer 911 calls, view security camera footage, and control all water tight and fire screen doors. I expected a giant wheel in the center of the room to steer the ship, but what I found looked more like Star Trek. It was very interesting to see where all the important stuff takes place, and Keegan was a great tour guide for the adventure, they even let us drive the ship! Just kidding, but we tried to make it look authentic!
When I got back to my room, my roommate had left for vacation, and my new on…