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Fun in the Sun

I highly doubt that there is anyone out there that can say that being 22 1/2 years old has been as good to them as it has been to me so far. If you find someone, I would like to meet them because I won't believe it. (I am from the show-me state after all!) On January 8, the photography team was treated to a delicious surf and turf, steak and seafood dinner because we were the highest grossing photography department of any ship in the fleet. The feeling of victory came to a crashing halt when the Chiefs could not pull out a playoff win the next day, but I still stand by the men that call Arrowhead stadium home.
That Wednesday, the waves at sea were pretty intense, and the ship could not safely dock. Instead of taking port in Kona, we spent a day at sea and parked in a whale sanctuary. There were whales breaching on all sides of the ship, and it was quite a sight to see.My roommate moved out that Saturday, and they were not going to assign me a new one for 4 days, so Kate and Adrienne brought their things into my room and we had a 4 day long slumber party! While we were at the beach, we dove in the ocean, then laid out for a bit. When Adrienne stood up, her swimsuit had left wet marks on her towel, but it was like she had never been there!Later that day we ran into a fabulous weather meter. It reads:
If the coconut is wet... It's raining
If the coconut is swaying... It's windy
If the coconut is hot... It's sunny
If the coconut is cool... It's overcast
If the coconut is blue... It''s cold
If the coconut is shaking.... Earthquake
If the coconut is gone... Hurricane
We might look like we are waiting for the school bus, but actually we are just posing for a picture with all of our beach gear!
This last Sunday, I declared it an adventuring day! After getting to go to church, I met up with friends to see the playoff games. Next I headed to a park to go on a little hike along the coastline. My black flip flops are now red from our long hike through lava rock, but the views were gorgeous, and it is nothing a little washing won't fix. That night I went to a Polynesian show then met up with Kate and Adrienne at the sushi bar on board the ship. After work that night, Brad, Gabby, Kyle and I went to a local pizza place, then decided to give geocaching a try. For those of you that have never heard of a geocache, here is the 411:
You go to the geocaching website, or download the app on your phone and type in your location. The geocaches in your area pop up. When you pick a geocache, they provide you with a gps location and a hint. You then use a gps to find the spot and hunt until you find a box or container. Inside the container is a log to sign that you found it, and sometimes trinkets. Common courtesy is that if you take a trinket, you leave one behind for the next people that find it. It is like a real life treasure hunt, and there are caches all over the world. Our gps location led us to a park and the clue was that it was small and near a tree. Unfortunately it was already dark out, and none of us had flashlights, so the lights from our cell phones were not enough to find it and we eventually gave up. We went back to the ship and changed into warm clothes and Brad and I decided to head to Haleakala to see the sunrise from on top of the mountain. We made it to the top (10,000 feet) at about 3:00am. It was a chilling 37 degrees, but the view when the sun rose over the clouds at 7:12am made it worth every minute.After seeing the sunrise we headed back down the mountain for a delicious breakfast. I had french toast topped with bananas, macadamia nuts, and coconut syrup. We were eating at a cafe right across the street from the park we had been at the night before so we went back to give the geocache another try in the light. Sure enough, we spotted it in some brush under a tree. It was a tiny, whale shaped container. We signed the log and headed back to the ship to get some naps in before a long day of work.The rest of the week was spent working and catching up on sleep. Today, I went to a Japanese market to grab some fresh sushi. They also had octopus dogs, made from, you guessed it, octopus meat! I tried one and found it to be surprisingly sweet and rather tasty! I guess part of the beauty of living in Hawaii is the new things I get to try.We have two new photographers on the photo team, and this week, Robyn is returning so I will not be the only girl. The men of the photo team and I have had fun this week, but it will be nice to have a girl around to team up with against the guys!


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