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twenty twelve

2012 started off with a bang... from all the fireworks of course! We watched the fireworks as we sailed by Waikiki and partied on the pool deck. Oh what I would give to be in that sailboat on the water. I miss sailing, and it is moments like these that make me so jealous.I was as sparkley as the ball in Times Square with my new rose gold jacket! It was a great time with friends as we rang in the new year like only Norwegians can! Please note 4 things in the above pictures:
1. Todd and Silas did not plan to wear matching outfits.
2. Joe made that sparkley bow tie himself. I just so happen to love bow ties, sparkles, and Joe, so that made for a triple amazing combination.
3. I have awesome friends.
4. I made a different facial expression in every single pJust a few days later was everyone's second favorite holiday of the year, my half birthday! (obviously my birthday is the annual favorite) We headed out on the town at midnight to ring in my 23.5 milestone of a half birthday. The next day I pampered myself with a massage and a night out on the ship with friends.Theo came back to the ship and we went right back to causing trouble as usual. We haven't seen each other since our road trip, so this reunion was much anticipated. Jonathan has also joined the Oh What A Night cast on the ship. It is fun having the boys around. Please take a moment to look at the adorable new scarf I made from an old tshirt. Mahalo pinterest!
I have discovered my new favorite dance move. It is called "the cursive." Basically you just spell your name in cursive with your hips! It is all the rave for me and my dance happy pals, and I even convinced Jonathan to do it on stage during one of their shows!
Last week I shot a wedding. The groom had been married years ago and swore he would never marry again. As a result, the couple has been together for 40 years and they have NEVER married! The groom used to always joke "I'll get married when I move to Hawaii." He never actually intended to visit Hawaii, however, his family planned the trip and his son respectfully reminded him of what he had always said. So, he and his brother planned the entire wedding and surprised the bride with the news of his plans when they boarded the ship. She was ecstatic, and they were so fun! I had a blast getting to know them and their family throughout the week, and they are begging me to come visit in Florida on my vacation.
Other than that, I have been a book worm and Starbucks addict lately. I read the entire "Hunger Games" trilogy in two weeks, and finished "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" in three days! I highly recommend both. Now I just need to see all these movies. As far as Starbucks goes, if I consume one more peppermint mocha frappuchino, I think I might turn into a frappuchino. I just can't stay away from those things!
I must admit, this might be the shortest blog post I have ever written, an hopefully I will have some more blog worthy adventures soon. Maybe if I take my nose out of my kindle, I can do a little more exploring.


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