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it's not the same

Let's set the Chinese dragon aside and all agree that more than the dragon, this is the year of the goofball. it is in my world at least. We all know that I am not afraid to be as goofy as possible, and I have been proving that lately. Above is a photo of me at work. I promise I am working hard while I am here!I don't know many people that go parasailing on their lunch break, but I guess that is just one of the perks of the crazy lifestyle I have acquired. Theo and I took off for a little adventure in the sky overlooking the Kona coast. it was so much fun, and now everyone is trying to convince me to go skydiving. I don't know if that is an adventure I am ready for, but we will see.Mondays have become Ruby's days. Maui is home to Ruby's Diner, where everything says "shooby dooby down to Ruby's." That is exactly what we do every Monday, and we have really enjoyed getting some delicious grub while we are there.The next week, Alex performed his last "Luau-ser's Lounge" (loser's lounge) at the Dancing With the Stars competition. The combination of it being his birthday, and Todd's last week on board made for some excitement filled segments. Yes, cake in the face, and lots of obnoxious dance moves and shirtless men were involved!Also that week was the birthday of another friend on board and we celebrated with pizza, treats, fun, and games in the Lanai bar. Emily and I borrowed everyone's party hats and decided to be party dinosaurs. After all, who wouldn't want a party dinosaur at their birthday?!?I have been so lucky to become such good friends with Emily. Believe it or not, her dorkiness and ridiculous meter happen to be on the same level as mine! We have so much fun creating a whole new meaning for the word goofball. She is also a very talented artist, and created the painting above for me to hang in my room! One night, we decided to stay in and do a little ribbon dancing. Luckily we were smart enough to capture some of it on video for the whole world to see. See our Ribbon Spectacular for yourself by clicking here.
Theo, Jonathan, and the men of Oh What A Night put together a show for the crew so that crew that don't get to go to their main stage show can see it and tell guests about it. During the show, Theo ripped his pants! It was a pretty hilarious version, and priceless that we got to be there for the moment, rather than a passenger audience.
Rain or shine, we still make it to Ruby's every week. One week our shooby doobying required umbrellas. We got a banana split to brighten the day. We couldn't fit in the photo with the banana split, so we drew ourselves in using the doodle feature on my new phone!Yesterday, Emily and I went on the "Magical Sea horse Discovery" tour. I will admit there was not very much about it that I would call magical, but we did have a good time. They had us try seaweed. The red was supposed to taste the best, but in my opinion, I would rather go without my daily dose of seaweed. After we were able to reach into the tank and sea horses wrapped their tails around our fingers! It was pretty fun to interact with them.While we were waiting for the cab to pick us up from the sea horse farm, we climbed around on the lava rocks on a beach nearby.We then grabbed lunch and on our way back to the ship we saw a can with flags on the street corner. Of course we picked them up and began directing traffic. Funny thing is, cars were actually stopping, and the little old en in the store near by were getting a kick out of our little charade. I just thought it was a perfect ending to a fun-filled lunch break!
And so the goofiness continues!


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